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Reading in a Bookstore

The Lead Elementary Adopt-a-Book program is a new program from our school librarian in collaboration with the Lead Elementary PTA. The goal of the program is to help our school expand its selection of library books available to our students. 

Through the Lead Elementary Adopt-A-Book program, you can:
  • Recognize a milestone, including your child’s birthday or graduation.
  • Say thank you to a teacher, staff member or friend.
  • Honor a grandparent, relative, colleague or another student.

It’s easy to participate. Just choose a book from the library’s list of adoptable books, dedicate it to anyone you wish and donate $20 payable to Lead Elementary PTA. Your adopted book will be inscribed with your name, your honoree’s name and a personalized dedication to your honoree. Your book then will be given a permanent home in our school library, with students enjoying it now and into the future.


Your gift is a tax-deductible donation that will add to the materials at the Lead Elementary School Library.

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